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18 Jan

Trust and Accountability is pricey 18 January 2024 In the professional journey, especially within the IT domain, there's that moment when you realise you've truly mastered your craft. Your experience, training, and commitment to ongoing learning converge to establish you as a Subject Matter Expert – the person others turn to, knowing they can rely on your expertise. 

With this expertise comes a significant increase in responsibility. Leadership trusts your judgement, colleagues have confidence in your actions, and vendors see you as the reliable source for accurate and concise information. It's a great place to be, feeling valued and knowing you're making a meaningful contribution. 

I've always aspired to be actively involved in decision-making for major projects with significant business impact. Today, I find myself in that position. My team gets to implement technical initiatives such as Cloud Optimization activities that will prove beneficial to the business and our IT teams. Cloud Optimization is a tricky and analytical endeavour, you need expert eyes on many facets of cloud computing and then thorough engagement to implement decisions…let’s see how it goes. I’m excited about this as I’m confident that we can see positive results immediately. 

While this trust and accountability is a huge vote of confidence, it's not without its pressures. The decisions my team and I take and implement carry substantial technical and financial implications. 

I take this challenge…

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