I write Content and Copy that Inform and Sell

"Apparently no one reads anymore, that's enough reason to make words count."

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I started writing on digital platforms in 2006 for an online Blog subsidiary of ITWeb called My Digital Life. My writing began as random babblings about current events, which later morphed into technology reviews. Eventually, I realized I have a knack for writing. I can describe complex things well and keep readers captivated, entertained and informed, which is very difficult in our digital age.

I stopped writing officially in 2010 when I fell victim to social media and online forums; the ease of not worrying about spelling, short descriptions for complex things, and the general minute-to-minute interaction these platforms offered were appealing.

Fast forward to 2017, I committed myself to take up writing again, but this time with a more focused approach. Today, I am a contributing editor for the SA Instrumentation and Control magazine, which is read by thousands in the Manufacturing Industry.

In 2020, I landed a job as a Content Writer in the marketing department of a leading IoT startup in South Africa - IoT.nxt. It was fast-paced, results-driven, and required constant creativity; this was right up my alley. Interestingly, one year and six months felt like four years because the learning curve was steep, and the content and copywriting changed every week; there was always something new I had to write. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic time! The expertise and creativity within that marketing department have exponentially improved my ability to write compelling content.

So, in 2022, I decided to be brave and go at it alone - freeLANCE, if you will. I have since written landing page copy for clients and blogs for local and international companies. I'm currently writing articles, press releases, and social media content for some of the largest built environment companies in South Africa. I also actively manage a few social media pages. 

I write to captivate, inform, and sell, whether content or copy, just informing or generating leads.

Content Writer - SWM Communications

I write; press releases, technical articles, thought leadership articles, and social media posts across all social media platforms for some of the largest engineering companies and societal bodies in South Africa.


Social Media Management

I manage the social media pages across FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIN for some clients. This includes regular scheduled posts, reels, stories, and customer interaction on behalf of my clients.


Technology Blogger - Build Marketing

I write blogs for two tech companies in Australia. Both sell and maintain SaaS services for B2B and B2C customers.


Content Writer - IoT.nxt

From November 2020 to March 2022, I wrote all content for the marketing department of the fastest-growing IoT startup in South Africa - IoT.nxt. So I understand how my written words fit into the marketing process, from idea conception to generating quality leads. I formulated content and copy for various channels, including webpage, blogs, technical articles, product descriptions, animation scripts, White Papers, internal and customer newsletters, case studies, brochures and Use Cases. Writing at IoT.nxt sharpened my virtual pencil and prepared me to be word-ready for any writing task.


Contributing Editor - SAIC Magazine

I write monthly articles for the 'IT in Manufacturing' section of the SA Instrumentation and Control Magazine. It's my opinion in words; well-researched, informed and driven by my daily professional experience.


Technology Blogger - MyDigitalLife

I started blogging about technology many moons ago. Blogging was my first paid writing gig.


Training that shape and mould.

With no formal training, I make up for it with tons of creativity, and I've completed courses from the best in the business, such as Alan Sharpe's 25-hr Copywriting Masterclass and Coaching. Also, Tamsin Henderson's Complete Copywriting Course on writing and selling like a pro. These courses have changed the way I view words forever, and I am confident they will enable me to help prospective customers convey their messages and sell more products.

A collection of B2B blogs

A few blog posts that aim to inform and educate prospective customers.

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A collection of B2B Use Cases

A few Use Case examples of the various verticals for which I wrote B2B content. Some short form, however, most were long form focusing on the customer's pain points, and how the product or service can alleviate those.

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A collection of articles

I've written many articles, mostly experienced opinion pieces. These were the Editor's picks; excellent articles that convey the message well.

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