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16 Jan

January 16, 2024. Commenced at 8:00, wrapped up by 17:30. 

I've got to admit, I missed the hustle and bustle of back-to-backs. The thrill of problem-solving on the fly, the weight of responsibility and accountability on my shoulders, making decisions, and extending a helping hand to colleagues. Oh, and let's not forget about the (Ri)coffee – missed that! 

On a personal note, tomorrow marks a significant day for my family. It's my daughter's first day of high school, and my son is kicking off his school career. These milestones kept crossing my mind throughout my nine meetings today. Yeah, nine. That's a typical day for me – a day mostly spent in crucial meetings, I can't believe that I missed this. 

It's astonishing how much can change in just one month. When I left, we hit a major milestone in the cloud – successfully migrating a substantial number of servers in record time. Spirits were high as we departed. However, upon my return, the team presented me with some less-than-ideal statistics and data. It wasn't entirely unexpected, given my prediction of a challenging year, but the actual figures did catch me by surprise. 

This hurdle demands leadership, accountability, and a clear direction. Now, my managerial skills are about to face a rigorous test. Tough decisions lie ahead, and I need to steer my team through. But you know what? I'm not daunted by challenging scenarios anymore. Perhaps the 15 years of experience are finally paying off. Plus, I'm fortunate to have an incredible team backing me up, so I'm tackling these difficulties head-on. 

Tomorrow, we're setting some goals and devising plans on how to achieve them. Professionally, I consider myself blessed. I've got a team of experts, or as they're often called, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). These are guys who are not only eager to achieve but also ready to assist. They're the ones I can count on – unafraid of problems and always bringing solutions to technical challenges. 

Excitement is building up for the challenging road that lies ahead.

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