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23 Jan

23 January, 2024 

Today was a day on engagements. I travelled to our head office and caught up with colleagues from various teams. I try not to have too many meetings when I travel to our various sites so as to have enough time to engage and catch up over coffee, lunch, and smoke breaks(those who smoke). 

In-person catchups are what I prefer as opposed to Teams meetings. When in the company of team members, I usually speak freely. Teams meetings usually end up being impersonal, putting up hands to chime in and sticking to a professional decorum. You get to see people in their (work) natural environments and they get to say more than the 30mins or 1 hour allows. 

You just get a better feel for the situation. Ideas flow freely and without hesitation. You get to read body language and get a truer sense of the topic at hand. I usually bank and in-person sessions as I know I will get an in-depth explanation of a scenario, problem, or solution. 

I guess I prefer the ‘old days’ more than I do the new ways-of-work.

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