Business Information Consultant for IIT and MES

Successfully drafted requirements, design and implemented the Monomers U24 Furnace Dashboard project as part of the Continuous Improvement cost drivers for Sasol Polymers resulting in improved maintenance activities, time efficiencies and cost forecasting for the Furnace team – 2012

Contributed to the successful implementation of the Sasol Nitro Management Production dashboard project – 2011

Successfully identified and defined all MES and IIT applications and services in the Secunda Complex of Polymers, Monomers and Nitro plants as part of an IIT/OT Plant Analysis study to improve support of these systems – 2011

Successfully drafted requirements, designed and transitioned IIT services to the existing MES Service offerings for Polymers and Nitro – 2013

Negotiated and awarded MES contracts for Sasol Polymers and Mining business when there was no support, leading to increased availability and stability in the Polymers PI systems, weighbridges and laboratories.