Education & Experience

B.Com Information Systems : Management Information Systems

Bachelors degree from the University of the Western Cape - Information Systems

Feb 16, 2004

B.Com Honors Information Systems: Enterprise Architecture

Honors degree from the University of the Western Cape - Information Systems Enterprise Architecture major

Feb 01, 2007

Advanced Diploma: Industrial Data Communications, Networks And IT CUM LAUDE

Advanced Diploma from the Engineering Institute of Technology. The focus is on Industrial Networks, data communications and Industrial IT.

Mar 14, 2019

Certifications and Affiliations

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MES/IIT Operations Specialist

Single point of contact for all MES and IIT services in Sasol Secunda, ensuring they are stable, available and reliable. Understanding, analysing, designing and implementing MES and IIT architecture that meet Sasol IM and Sasol Business requirements as well as conform to IM MES standards for IT in manufacturing or Industrial IT. Manage multiple MES and IIT support teams onsite and offsite including Honeywell MES and IS, EOH MES and IIT, and BCX IIT teams, during this time I:

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MES/IIT Application Service Owner

Single point of contact for all MES and IIT applications and services in Secunda Chemical Operations between the IT department and plant process management teams, maintenance teams and technical engineering teams. Analysis of business requirements and translate these into MES or IIT designs and implementations and services, I:

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Business Information Consultant for IIT and MES

Accountable for the establishment and delivery of IIT and MES services while being a single point of contact for the Polymers and Nitro business in Secunda. Accountable for various Chemicals Operations and Synfuels Operations MES and IIT implementations throughout the entire project life cycle, specifically accountable for analysis, design according to MES standards, and quality and assurance handover into the Operations Support of MES and IIT services, I:

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Engineering Lead

Accountable for the design and solutioning of IIT and MES services for Sasol Synfuels especially on Level 2-3/3.5 Industrial IT and MES, I:

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